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This Bentley Golden Gate Bridge Photo Will Blow Your Mind

As one of our most popular automakers at Prestige Imports — and one with nearly 100 years of history, mind you — we sometimes have a hard time putting Bentley’s perfection in terms that make sense to the average driver. We can talk about performance, we can talk about the countless customization options, we can talk about the outstanding luxury of its design. But how to explain this in the abstract? For that, we give you the world’s most extraordinary car photograph.

The Bentley Golden Gate Bridge Photograph

The photo above might appear to be just another automotive photo, but we assure you, it’s much more than that. The photo itself is a 53-billion pixel image, and is 104 metres wide in total. The image captures the new Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase as it traverses the Golden Gate Bridge, and manages to capture the entirety of the bridge as well. Don’t believe us?

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How Was the Bentley Golden Gate Image Captured?

If you’ve ever wondered how we see crystal-clear images of the surface of Mars, the technology used to capture the image here will give you a good idea. Acclaimed automotive photog Simon Stock assembled the image as 697 smaller photographs, and used three cameras and variable-length lenses to overcome the obvious physical limits that were present.

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Following the initial session, the image was then retouched and reassembled by Tony Swinney, and the results are simply astonishing. The same image that shows the distinctive San Francisco skyline and iconic Golden Gate Bridge can actually be zoomed to show the embroidered Bentley logo on the passenger seat. Simply put, this is something to behold.

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