Keep Luxury Car Clean with Kids

Can You Keep a Luxury Car Clean When You’ve Got Kids?

When dealing with exotic and import vehicles like those we have at Prestige Imports, cleanliness is somewhere close to godliness. And while we certainly do all we can to keep our cars clean, only one thing can sneak up and make a mess at the darnedest times: our kids. So how can we keep our luxury cars clean, even in the face of Kiddy McGrubbyfingers? Here are four tips.

4 Tips to Keep Luxury Cars Clean When You’ve Got Kids

Keep a Separate Place for “Stuff”

Say you’ve got your kids in your luxury SUV, and you’re on a longer trip. They obviously will need to have items along, such as snacks, games, kleenex, diapers, etc. If you keep everything in one place, such as a tote bag or tupperware container, you’ll minimize the potential for messes to be made.

Keep Luxury Car CleanClean Up After Each Trip

Whenever you get home from a longer trip, your first impulse is to just get inside. However, don’t give in to the urge. Before going inside, perform a quick tidy-up of your vehicle, and knowing that you’ll have less to clean up later. After all, one small mess at a time is vastly preferable to a huge mess all at once.

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Get Your Kids to Help

Kids of a certain age love to impress their parents, and that’s why it’s important to use this to your advantage when it comes to cleaning. Give them tasks in a way that they understand — “Everyone grabs two things before going inside!” — and they’ll generally come through. Remember, more hands on deck means less trips overall, even if those hands are kind of tiny.

Put Rules on Snacks

Remember, we’re in a luxury car, and we’ve got to plan for worst possible scenarios. And remember, kids-plus-snacks-plus-car is a really recipe for disaster. That’s why it’s important to minimize the possible damage by demanding that only dry snacks, such as crackers, instead of fruit snacks or chocolate. And never, ever, ever allow colored juice beverages; only clear liquids will do.

We know that accidents will happen, of course, and that’s why we provide detailing services here at Prestige Imports. Feel free to inquire more about those services, and come see us soon!