5 Bike Riding Safety Tips

While it’s undoubtedly cars, trucks and — believe it or not — boats that paint the broader portrait of Prestige Imports, we’re also a pretty active bunch over here. This means that we regularly get out for a bike ride, and given the hectic nature of North Miami Beach, this can offer its own set of challenges from a safety standpoint. So, how can we help to be safer on our bikes?

5 Bike Riding Safety Tips

Light Up

This may seem annoyingly obvious, but it’s startling to know how many accidents could be avoided if bicyclists had simply made themselves more visible. Bike shops sell inexpensive front and rear lights, and they generally retail for under $15. Most also now use LED lights, so they last longer than they did previously.

Bike Safety Miami BeachAvoid the Busiest Streets

It isn’t always easy to stay off of busy streets when trying to get from A to B, but it’s definitely a lot safer when you try. Cars often don’t see bicycles when they’re on the road, even though two-wheels have every right to be there. So, if at all possible, look for routes that avoid busier streets, and only use major thoroughfares when absolutely necessary.

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Use the Whole Lane Whenever Possible

There are different schools of thought on this; some think it’s better to hug the edge of the road, but we’d advise otherwise. Wherever you happen to be on the road, you’re still forcing cars to go around you. That’s why you may as well make yourself as visible to motorists as possible.

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Signal Before Turning

There was a time when everyone knew the common signals for turning, but that time has mostly passed. Instead, just extend your left arm if you’re turning that way, or your right if you’re heading in that direction. Believe us, motorists will understand.

Avoid Your Phone

It can be tempting to jam your favorite tunes when you’re on a bike ride, but this is an unnecessary distraction. Particularly when you’re biking through traffic, avoid being on your phone for any reason.

Are there any other safety tips that you’d like to offer? If so, leave them in the comments below, and come see us soon at Prestige Imports!