2019 ICON A5 Aircraft Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile & Front View

2019 ICON A5 Aircraft For Sale North Miami Beach FL

Today we’ve got something truly special for you. You might be aware that we have a marine division, selling luxury yachts from brands like Midnight Express and VanDutch. But did you know we have an aviation division too? Last year, we here at Prestige Imports entered into a partnership with ICON Aircraft, manufacturers of personal aircrafts like the ICON A5 Light Sport Aircraft. Today, we thought we’d highlight one of these 2019 planes that we currently have for sale, completely new, right here in our North Miami Beach FL showroom.

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“Our customers crave ways to enjoy life and unlock what was believed to be unattainable adventures. Since 1977, we have come to deeply understand the South Florida luxury lifestyle and the ICON A5 fits perfectly. The partnership with ICON reinforces Prestige Imports’ dedication to luxury transportation on land, air and sea.”

– Brett David, Chief Executive Officer, Prestige Imports

Performance Specs & Premium Features

As mentioned above, the ICON A5 is a light sport aircraft. What we neglected to mention is that it’s also amphibious, which means it’s capable of landing and launching from the water. It has all sorts of other great specs and features, though, a few of which we’ll go over here today. For instance, its instrument cluster features a small Angle of Attack gauge, which tells you everything you need to know while flying, regardless of speed, load or maneuver.

Other features include removable side windows, a panoramic canopy that allows some truly stunning views, an intuitive flight control stick, an integrated and removable Garmin Aera 796 GPS, folding wings, seawings, advanced running lights and an incredible engine. Speaking of the engine, the ICON A5 is powered by a Rotax 912iS Sport, which is one of the most used engines in light aircrafts and which can operate on either 100LL or 91 octane auto gasoline.

2019 ICON A5 Aircraft Exterior View over Water
2019 ICON A5 Aircraft Interior Cockpit Dashboard
2019 ICON A5 Aircraft Interior Seating

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2019 ICON A5 Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft, don’t hesitate to give us a call.