VanDutch | North Miami Beach, FL

If Prestige Imports can credibly claim to be a 360-degree lifestyle brand, the addition and inclusion of VanDutch Marine to our North Miami Beach makes the circle complete. The Netherlands-based lineup of super-premium yachts acts as an extension of the exotic automobiles in our showroom, and for those among us who choose to express ourselves on sea as well as land, VanDutch makes this possible.

Combining performance with award-winning design, VanDutch offers elegant finishes, clean lines and a durable, Corian-infused framework. The larger VanDutch models also incorporate fully-equipped bathrooms, audio systems, heat and air conditioning into their standard equipment, making each South Beach trip one worth remembering. Check out our VanDutch inventory at Prestige Imports today, and give your life the boost it deserves. 

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VanDutch Fort Lauderdale FL


While relatively new to the luxury yacht conversation, only starting US operations in 2013, VanDutch has wasted little time making a name for itself among the South Florida elite.


VanDutch Hollywood FL


The clean lines and angular confidence of the VanDutch design profile is both stern yet unfussy, while the social cachet associated with the VanDutch lineup can’t be matched by any competing yacht.


VanDutch Coral Gables FL


It would take a considerable push to power a yacht of the size and composition of VanDutch, and the various power platforms, from such iconic nameplates as Cummins diesel and Volvo, answers the call.

VanDutch Pembroke Pines FL
VanDutch Hialeah FL
VanDutch South Beach FL