1994 Dodge Viper Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

1994 Dodge Viper For Sale North Miami Beach FL

The Dodge Viper is an iconic sports car that competed with the legendary Corvette for many years. It was produced from 1991 through 2017, passing through five generations before being discontinued just a few years ago. We recently received a vintage 1994 model and currently have it for sale right here in North Miami Beach FL. Having been built nearly three decades ago, the fact that it has less than 3,000 miles on its odometer is pretty astonishing, making this a like-new vehicle despite being 27 years old.

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1994 Dodge Viper Interior Cabin Dashboard
1994 Dodge Viper Interior Cabin Seating
1994 Dodge Viper Interior Engine Bay

Technical Specs & Performance Times

Powered by an 8.0L V10 engine, the first-generation Dodge Viper was (and, in this case, still is) capable of generating up to 400 horsepower alongside 465 pound-feet of torque. The Viper was a bit heavy, with a curb weight of 3,285 pounds – 712 of those coming from the engine alone. This slowed the model a bit, allowing it to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds. That’s still incredibly quick, especially for a vehicle from the early ‘90s. It can also accelerate from 0-100 mph in 9.2 s and run the quarter mile in 12.6, before hitting a top speed of 165 miles per hour.

Premium Features

This vehicle is a convertible with a canvas soft top, allowing you to drop the top and feel the wind in your hair. It features a manual transmission and a rear-wheel drive system, giving you a true sports car feel – enhanced by its Viper Red exterior paintjob and leather/vinyl interior. As a performance-first model, it lacks some modern amenities you might expect all vehicles to have – for instance, it doesn’t offer traction control, ABS, air conditioning and more. But it does offer some features, like a stereo and adjustable seats.

If you think you might be interested in bringing this Dodge home for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right here at Prestige Imports.