Dodge | North Miami Beach FL

Considering you’re here on the site, you’re probably aware of the fact that Prestige Imports is known for our massive inventory of high-end exotic used vehicles. So, it might seem strange to see a page dedicated to Dodge. For the most part, Dodge makes urban vehicles that the average buyer can pick up for a reasonable price. But you might be forgetting classic, high-performance vehicles like the Dodge Viper. Not to mention Dodge’s more recent projects, like the Hellcat and Demon.

Dodge vehicles might not appear in our inventory as often as brands like Rolls Royce or Mercedes-Benz, but when they do you can rest assured you’re in store for an incredible machine that will give you a rush every time your foot meets the pedal. Whether an impressive Viper, a classic Challenger, or even a decked-out Dodge Ram, you’ll certainly understand why the vehicle belongs here at Prestige when you take it for a spin.

Dodge Performance


There is no doubt that any Dodge vehicle making its way to the Prestige lot is packed with plenty of performance. To give you a taste, the upcoming Dodge Demon offers the highest horsepower of any production car at 840 horses, which should speak to the brand’s dedication to performance.


Dodge Technology


Vehicles like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat are outfitted with some pretty incredible performance technologies that assure whoever slides behind the wheel will have an enjoyable driving experience, like impressive brakes or a speed monitor that makes sure the valet won’t have too much fun.


Dodge Design


Even their every-day cruisers like the Dodge Dart or Charger are designed with an incredibly sporty aesthetic that will make passersby take a second look as you speed past them. They might not be as eye-catching as a Pagani, but their style is not in question.