2023 Lotus Eletre Studio Silver Side Exterior

What Do We Know About the Performance Specifications of the 2023 Lotus Eletre?

Performance Features of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

Visually striking, bold, and exotic – the 2023 Lotus Eletre is a powerhouse progressive hyper-SUV and is the world’s first electric hyper-SUV. Taking core principles and DNA from 70-plus years of sports car design and engineering, the 2023 Eletre takes its inspiration from the ‘carved by air’ design of Emira and Evija. The 2023 Eletre comes under many firsts – the first lifestyle EV, first five-door production car, first vehicle outside the sports car segment, and the most connected Lotus vehicle with pioneering technology backing its remarkable performance. Continue reading to learn about the performance features and specifications of the 2023 Lotus Eletre with Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL.   

Performance of the 2023 Lotus Eletre  

With a battery capacity of over 100kWh, the Eletre comes with AWD and an astounding 600 hp power output. The 350-kW charger of the SUV can pull off a range of 400 km in 20 minutes. Moreover, the new Eletra has a driving range of 600 km and is also compatible with a standard 22 kW AC charging system.  

2023 Lotus Eletre Studio Silver Front Exterior
2023 Lotus Eletre Wheel

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Equipped with the latest technology, the Eletre comes with an advanced active aerodynamics package and intelligent driving tech that includes the world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIAR) system. The intriguing exterior details of the new Eletre, the SUV features a long wheelbase and very short overhangs front and rear. Overall, the visual lightness of the car creates an impression of a high-riding sports car rather than an SUV.   

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If you are interested in purchasing the world’s first hyper SUV – the new 2023 Lotus Eletre, do that at Prestige Imports dealership located in North Miami Beach, FL. The model is starting to kick off in the market at the beginning of 2023. Browse the digital showroom at Prestige Imports and reach out to our team for further info and assistance.