2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 exterior side looks

How Can I get My Luxury Chevrolet Serviced in Miami, FL?

Service your Luxury Chevrolet at Prestige Imports in Miami, FL  

Luxury vehicles are not very common on the streets, and maintaining them requires more work than maintaining other automobiles. It is no brainer that when you invest in a luxury car, you fully want to enjoy it. And you can do that by getting it serviced regularly by highly skilled professionals. At Prestige Imports in Miami, FL, our service department has a team of experts to care for your luxury Chevrolet. If you want auto services for luxury Chevrolet in Miami, FL, visit us today.   

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2024 Lotus Eletre exterior front look

Watch How Fast the Lotus Eletre is!

Video: Catch the Lotus Eletre in Action  

Lotus enters a new era by introducing the battery-powered Eletre SUV. It is a high-performance EV crossover set to be a desirable lifestyle car for our next generation of customers. Available with twin-electric motors that can pump up to 900 hp of raw engine power and torque to all four wheels, the Lotus Eletre provides unparalleled acceleration and control on all terrains and conditions. Learn more about the speed and power of the Lotus Eletre in this YouTube video. Scroll down and get more info about Lotus Eletre at Prestige Imports in Miami, FL. 

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Ferrari car front view image

Can I Buy a Pre-Owned Ferrari in Coconut Grove, FL?

Purchase Used Ferrari in Coconut Grove, FL 

Are you a Coconut Grove resident looking for a pre-owned Ferrari this year? You have come to the right page. Used Ferrari cars are always in demand. Drivers who love fast, tech-savvy, and robust vehicles with a high-value brand tag should surely opt for Ferrari cars. These vehicles are manufactured from high-quality materials, which offer them high durability. This is why Ferrari vehicles are very reliable.  

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2022 Ferrari Roma exterior side looks

Where Can I Buy the 2022 Ferrari Roma in Brickell, FL?

The 2022 Ferrari Roma is Available at Prestige Imports in Brickell, FL  

With a gorgeous design and versatile driving character, the 2022 Ferrari Roma will please the senses on the road or the racetrack. The 2022 Roma is powered by a modern turbocharged V-8 engine that generates 612 horsepower. Furthermore, its lightweight components and excellent chassis tuning make the 2022 Roma a thrill to drive when you need it to be and perfectly chills when the mood calls for it. If you are interested in purchasing a 2022 Roma, visit Prestige Imports in Brickell, FL. Continue reading below and learn more about the key features of the vehicle.  

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2024 Lotus Eletre exterior side looks

How Advanced are the Interiors of the 2024 Lotus Eletre?

Check Out the Interior Features of the 2024 Lotus Eletre  

If you want to own a lightweight sports car that is excellent to drive and has many tech features, check out the 2024 Lotus Eletre. Popularly known for manufacturing high-performance, low-volume, lightweight sports cars, Lotus is diverging from its marketing strategy with this new Eletre. This vehicle is completely different from any of the Lotus that came before it. Besides being an all-electric Hyper-SUV- the first of a new lineup of pure electric SUVs- the 2024 Eletre offers a comfortable interior with high-end features. Are you excited to know more about the interior features of the 2024 Lotus Eletre? Read this blog by Prestige Imports in Miami, FL, and learn about the cabin features of the 2024 Lotus Eletre.    

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Bentley Bentayga side view image

Find Out More About Bentley’s Extended Wheelbase!

Learn About Bentayga’s Extended Wheelbase 

Bentley is a luxury car brand that keeps striving to offer new and modern features to its loyal customer base. The new Bantayga carries an outstanding exterior and interior design. This is especially true for its impressive extended wheelbase. It boosts rear legroom significantly, which helps passengers stay more comfortable on long drives.  

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2022 Bentley Flying Spur exterior side looks

Where Can I Trade-in My Bentley Vehicle in Pinecrest, FL?

Trade-in your Bentley Vehicle Seamlessly in Pinecrest, FL  

Purchasing a new vehicle is always exciting, but it might leave you wondering whether to trade-in your old car or sell it yourself. So, visit Prestige Imports if you are looking for a place to trade-in your Bentley vehicle in Pinecrest, FL. Our dealership offers a hassle-free and smooth process with your convenience as our top priority. Other than the money you could get for trading-in your car, several factors are at play. This blog will discuss ways to get as much value via your trade-in as possible.  

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2023 BMW M3 Sedan exterior front look with headlights on

Where Can I Buy Pre-Owned Luxury BMW Cars in Pinecrest, FL?

Purchase Pre-Owned BMW Cars From Prestige Imports in Pinecrest, FL  

A few things will cross your mind when you think about BMW; they are a prestigious brand, are German made, considered a luxury, and therefore, expensive. BMW is one of the most loved premium brands in the world. Their vehicles are sophisticated and classy, blending power and performance with a sporty appeal; everything you could want in a luxury car. If you are interested in purchasing a BMW car but are short on the budget, give a chance to a pre-owned one. Our dealership, Prestige Imports in Pinecrest, FL, has a variety of top-notch luxury pre-owned BMW car options for you. Keep reading below and learn more.  

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Ferrari Purosangue exterior side look

Ferrari Introduces the New Ferrari Purosangue

Video: Catch the New Ferrari Purosangue in Action!  

Ferrari welcomes its first-ever four-door, four0-seater car, the Purosangue. Backed by 75 years of leading-edge research, Ferrari has manufactured this unique car encapsulating the Prancing Horse’s DNA. This vehicle is the perfect example where performance, driving pleasure, and comfort coexist in a perfect symphony. This is why this new model is Ferrari Purosangue – Italian for thoroughbred. Want to check out the vehicle? Scroll down, watch Prestige Imports’ video in Miami, FL, and witness the exclusive Ferrari Purosangue. 

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Aston Martin cars on a road

Where Do I Sell My Pre-Owned Aston Martin Car in Doral, FL?

Pre-Owned Aston Martin in Doral, FL  

Since its inception in 1913, Aston Martin has produced everything from casual luxury vehicles to exquisite racing monsters. Although Aston Martin has gained a lot of popularity, being 007’s choice of ride, today it makes top-notch sports cars with a license to thrill. Many drivers want to own an Aston Martin but are a little on the budget to buy a new one. Therefore, if you own an Aston Martin and want to sell it, you have reached the right place. We can help you sell your used vehicle easily with lesser process steps. All you have to do is get in touch with our dealership, Prestige Imports, sales team near Doral, FL.   

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