Lamborghini Roadster and Spyder Comparison

Lamborghini- What is the difference between the Spyder and Roadster?

Lamborghini – Difference between Spyder and Roadster

To the untrained eye, the Lamborghini Spyder and Roadster models might look nearly identical. And it’s true, they are similar models, but here at Prestige Imports we are all about setting ourselves apart from the competition, and our Lamborghini line-up is no different. Let’s look at just what the difference is between the Spyder and Roadster.

Lamborghini spyder red color


In the Spyder, every single element has been redesigned for the precise purpose of eliminating the roof without compromising any of the car’s aerodynamics or torsional stiffness. The design of the Spyder is based on the spiky hexagonal forms of the carbon atom, and the seamless roof profile, visible even when the soft top is open, is an unmistakable part of Lamborghini’s DNA.

The Roadster was inspired by the aerospace industry, so it was designed with the perfect mix of performance and refined style. Its lines are deep, elegant, and clean-cut, and absolutely unmatched in the world of automotive design. Another innovation introduced in the Roadster is the dual color tone. The frame of the windscreen and the area surrounding the rear window up to the “fins” are finished in gloss black. The visual effect is one of a completely open car.

Lamborghini roadster gray color

Technical Dynamics

The Lamborghini Spyder boasts a longitudinal mid-mount naturally aspirated V-10 engine coupled with a Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) dual-clutch transmission so that you can have all the power you need for a fun and exhilarating drive every day. New electromechanical power steering is designed to adapt to any driving conditions, and thanks to its high efficiency, does not require the typical amount of maintenance of standard hydraulic power steering. The Spyder has an impressive 0-to-60 speed of less than 3.4 seconds and maxes out at 201 mph.

The Roadster is a record-breaking car. Its 0-to-60 speed is just under 3 seconds, and the Lamborghini Roadster tops out at 217 mph. The V-12 engine features a powerful torque curve, an incredible level of thrust which allows you to take on any situation with ease, remarkable responsiveness, and a carefully refined sound which thrills the driver every time they put their foot on the pedal.

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While the Lamborghini Spyder and Roadster are similar in their look, the Roadster features a slightly more aggressive design and more power than the Spyder. Both cars are luxurious and eye-catching, so you can’t go wrong with either model. Come down to Prestige Imports and check out the Spyder and Roadster today!