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Know How Automated Emergency Braking Works?

How Does Automated Emergency Braking Work?

You can undoubtedly recall a situation where applying the brakes earlier would have made a significant difference. An ordinary drive can be turned into a headache—or worse—in a fraction of a second or a few feet. Collisions occur due to unforeseen situations or transient slips in focus. To address this, automated emergency braking (AEB) is becoming more widely available across all vehicle segments. Keep reading this blogpost by Prestige Imports, FL, to learn more about how Automated Emergency Braking works.

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What Is Automated Emergency Braking?

Automakers developed automatic emergency braking to stop or slow a vehicle before it collides with an item in its path. When sensors or cameras detect an object ahead of the car, they decide whether it is approaching too quickly. It must then be established that the driver is not slowing or stopping the vehicle. If this is the case, the brakes will be activated automatically.

How Does Automated Emergency Braking Work?

When AEB hits the stoppers, how does it know when to do so? Radar sensors are installed in some automobiles’ front grille, bumper, or air vents. Others rely on cameras, generally positioned behind the rearview mirror in the windshield. Some people utilize both. Software constantly evaluates crash potential based on sensor data, regardless of the detection mechanism. The software activates FCW and AEB when specific parameters are met.

Sensors used in automatic emergency braking cannot function properly when obstructed by dirt, ice, or snow. If this is the case, the system will inform you about it. So, it’s advisable before going on a trip, be sure to clear any debris from your feature’s sensors or windshield.

Are you unsure where the sensors for your automatic emergency braking system are located? You can always consult your owner’s handbook or your local dealership for more information.

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The brightness from sunrise and sunset might cause some automatic emergency braking capabilities to fail. This feature should not be relied on solely at those times – or at any other time. You can visit our online inventory if you plan to buy a new vehicle. For more information contact us today.