Lotus Emira

Is Lotus going to make a new car?

2023 Lotus Emira: What We Know So Far

Here at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, we love Lotus vehicles. No matter which model you prefer, Lotus makes an incredible automobile. But with Lotus ending production on the Evora, what comes next?

Lotus is making a new car, the 2023 Lotus Emira. It will be the last internal combustion engine vehicle that Lotus ever makes. That means it’s already special. Let’s take a closer look.

Lotus Emira

Performance Specs

Being the last internal combustion engine model of the brand, the 2023 Lotus Emira will feature one of two engines: a 2.0L turbo-four or a supercharged 3.5L V6. The 2.0L turbo-four produces 360 horsepower, while the 3.5L V6 can pump out up to 400 horsepower, depending on transmission. It’s currently unclear if an AWD option will be available, but the standard drivetrain is RWD. Notably, the 2023 Emira will not have electric power steering, but rather a hydraulic-assisted power steering system in order to improve driving feedback.

Integrated Tech

The 2023 Emira will have a 10.2-inch touchscreen, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 12V and USB charging ports are also standard. The 2023 Emira will also have a 12.3-inch digital gauge display. Standard safety and driver assistive features have not yet been revealed, but Lotus has confirmed the availability of automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

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Interested in Owning a Lotus?

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