Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV in a showroom

How Can the Latest Lotus Eletre SUV be Your Style Icon?

Lotus Eletre – the Stylish All-Electric Hyper SUV 

Touted as the most advanced Lotus vehicle ever made, the new Lotus Eletre is a 100% electric hyper SUV. With this vehicle, the brand has created a unique niche in the luxury auto segment. You will be amazed by the sporty design language of this SUV, its brilliant aerodynamics, and of course, the exterior build, which oozes class. If you are planning to purchase a luxury electric SUV that is powerful and stylish, you should look at the new Lotus Eletre.  

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Impressive Design Language of the New Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV 

One thing that stands out in the new Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV is its striking design. It combines 75 years of sports car design and engineering into a desirable lifestyle vehicle.

Lotus Eletre Hyper SUV

This progressive design has put the Lotus Eletre at the forefront of new-age SUVs. The use of sustainable materials in manufacturing the model elevates the goodwill, elegance, and value of the SUV.  

The electric SUV carries an industry-leading EV architecture. It offers about 250 miles with every 20-minute charging.

That’s amazing, isn’t it?

The maximum range per complete charge cycle is about 373 miles.  

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