Flash Flood Safety Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Update: Flash Flood Safety Tips

We’re certain that you’ve been watching the news in the past few days, and if not paying attention to your TV, then you’ve just been looking at the clouds or hearing the general gossip. In all likelihood, those of us in South Florida are about to get positively pounded by Hurricane Matthew. There have already been predictions of flash flooding, which presents its own set of challenges. So, to help keep you safe during these next few days, we at Prestige Imports are here with a few flash flood safety tips. Today’s entry couldn’t be any more important, so be certain to share this with your loved ones.

Flash Flood Safety Tips for Hurricane Matthew

Know Your Surroundings

In low-lying areas such as ours, locales that are situated in drainage channels may sometimes flood suddenly. If you’re in a drainage channel, be certain to secure your home, bring any outdoor furniture, and check with your utility company to see if it’s been recommended that you have your utilities shut off.

Flash Flood Safety Miami FLStay Away from Rushing Water

In drainage plains, as you might imagine, the currents can be amazingly strong, and you certainly don’t want to find yourself in an area where assistance can’t reach you. Even just a few inches of rushing water is enough to knock over an adult, so if you must walk — which we don’t recommend — be sure to have a walking stick for stability, and only walk in areas that are still.

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Don’t Drive in Flooded Areas

We wish that this went without saying, but it obviously does not. If you venture into an area where floodwater begins circling your car, get out and get to higher ground if you can. Also, be certain to avoid parking along streams, rivers and channels, since these often fill up and have levees breached during flash floods.

Keep Posted for Emergency Alerts

As often will happen during a storm such as Hurricane Matthew, additional flooding may occur after the initial surge has passed. Dams or levees may be overtaken, and the uncertainty about these water channels can often cause quick changes that weren’t foreseen. Before heading back to your house or neighborhood, be sure that authorities are allowing or advising homeowners to return to their homes. You certainly don’t want to return before the threat has passed.

If Necessary, Evacuate

This is only advised in the most extreme of cases, but depending on what the authorities suggest, this may be the course that needs to be taken. Keep posted to the most current updates from the National Weather Service page, as well as the specific Hurricane Matthew page.

As always, we at Prestige Imports wish everyone in our immediate area safety and security, and we hope that everyone’s loved ones and belongings get through this storm with minimal impact.