2023 Lotus Eletre Side Exterior

How Impressive is the Exterior Design and Aerodynamics of the new Lotus Eletre?

Exterior Design and Aerodynamics of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

Lotus has revealed the “world’s first electric hyper-SUV” and is the new icon from the British automaker. It marks the beginning of the first accessible EV and the first SUV for the brand. From the immersive experience it provides, the exterior lights, the active front grille, and the illuminated flush door handles – the vehicle breathes fresh innovation in its exterior design and aerodynamics. Read the blog by Prestige Imports dealership in North Miami Beach, FL, to learn more about it.   

Lotus Eletre – Exterior Design Details  

Designed by Ben Payne, the new Lotus Eletre speaks dramatically with a cab-forward stance. It has a long wheelbase and short overhangs in front and rear. Lightweight and futuristic, the Eletre creates the picture of a high-riding sports car. Evija and Emira models have inspired the vehicle’s ‘carved by air’ design. On the front end, it features a deployable LIDAR sensor mounted to the top of the windscreen. The black components are finished in carbon fiber, while body panels are finished in aluminum. The rear features the cantilevered carbon fiber ‘floating’ split roof spoiler.  

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2023 Lotus Eletre Front Exterior
2023 Lotus Eletre Top View

“Breathing” Aerodynamics of the Lotus Eletre  

Optimized for exceptional aerodynamics, it comes with an advanced active aerodynamics package with the world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system. Equipped with 23-inch machine-cut split-finish five-spoke alloy wheels with carbon fiber inserts, the SUV is designed to promote airflow.  

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The full-width ribbon light strip in the rear lights red and adds a scrolling directional indicator when the vehicle is in motion. Light appears in four colors in what is known as the “peacock moment.” The roof spoiler channels the airflow into the active tailgate spoiler and down the glass deployed automatically at speed. It has three distinct deployment angles, depending on the drive mode.  

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