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All-electric 2019 Aston Martin RapidE Release Date

Almost two years ago, Aston Martin introduced a concept car that promised to change the landscape of the brand. Now, two years ahead of when the plan to kick off production, the English manufacturer has confirmed that the al-electric Aston Martin RapidE will be joining their lineup in 2019. While we don’t have an official release date as of yet, they have confirmed that production will kick off in 2019, and that the model will indeed have an all-electric powertrain.

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“Having unveiled the RapidE Concept back in October 2015 we reach another milestone with the confirmation that we are now putting the first all-electric Aston Martin into production. RapidE represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin’s values of seductive style and supreme performance don’t merely co-exist alongside a new zero-emission powertrain, but are enhanced by it. The internal combustion engine has been at the heart of Aston Martin for more than a century, and will continue to be for years to come. RapidE will showcase Aston Martin’s vision, desire and capability to successfully embrace radical change, delivering a new breed of car that stays true to our ethos and delights our customers.”

– Dr. Andy Palmer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aston Martin

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2019 Aston Martin RapidE Exterior Rear Fascia_o

What do we know?

Beyond that, very little details are known about the 2019 – or, possibly, 2020 – Aston Martin RapidE. It will of course closely resemble the Aston Martin Rapide model that is already available, though, obviously, a few enhancements and changes to set it apart will be present. We do also know that Aston Martin intends for the vehicle to have an all-wheel drive system and offer a driving range of over 200 miles.

It will obviously be a while until the Aston Martin RapidE will hit the road, but we’ll be sure to continue updating you right here on our blog with any information that comes out about it or any other electric Bond cars.