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Croatian EV Hypercar Startup Bags Bugatti Merger and Becomes Bugatti-Rimac

The Emergence of Bugatti-Rimac

One of the biggest acquisitions happened this year when the Croatian EV startup took 55% control of the old and strong marque brand Bugatti. This will give way to the release of two advanced cars by the year 2030, a 2000-hp hybrid hypercar with a naturally aspirated combustion engine followed by Bugatti’s very own and first full EV. 

The two brands have merged on a global scale. The Croatian EV startup has just released its latest car, the 2021 Rimac Nevera. The new company after this merger will be named Bugatti-Rimac. This deal has been long rumored. Rimac, which was founded in 2009 and which has released just a handful of cars bagging a 55% stake at a century-old Bugatti, goes down as one of the best mergers in history. Read on to learn more about this interesting merger.

How Did Bugatti-Rimac Merger Begin?

About two years ago, the Volkswagen Group approached Rimac to help them develop a hybrid and advanced version of the Bugatti Chiron. Instead of upgrading an existing car, Rimac offered to build a new hybrid hypercar with a naturally aspirated engine for a much lower cost of production. This led to VW offering a merger with Rimac instead of buying their engineering in bulk. 

Rimac will be renamed as Rimac Group with an unchanged ownership structure. Rimac, Porsche, and Hyundai have stakes in the Rimac Group, which will hold the majority share in its new Bugatti-Rimac subsidiary. A new wing named Rimac Technology will be created and wholly owned by the Rimac Group. This wing will continue to develop and sell the company’s high-performance EV powertrains and autonomous driving systems to popular carmakers.

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