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Lotus Eletre parked near a building

Check Out the Futuristic Lotus Eletre!

See How Amazing the Upcoming Lotus Eletre is!

The Lotus Eletre is a futuristic and striking hyper SUV. Its progressive design and the host of technology features make it an advanced vehicle in the true sense of the word. The 70 long years of sports car design and impeccable engineering capability of the Lotus brand have helped it develop this all-new lifestyle car. 

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2022 Lotus Evija front quarter view

How Fast is the 2022 Lotus Evija?

Engine Performance and Specifications of the 2022 Lotus Evija  

Your dream of driving a hypercar may come true this year! The 2022 Lotus Evija comes with not only a breathtaking exterior design but also a flashy interior and superb engine performance. However, the best thing about hypercars is speed! If you are curious to learn how fast this car can go, check out this blog post by Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL.  

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An image of a white 2023 Lotus Emira GT

How Impressive is the Exterior Build of the Upcoming Lotus Emira?

2023 Lotus Emira Exterior

The Lotus Cars Company has been integral to many modern racing championships, securing 13 different Formula 1 titles and various other championships. Lotus has unveiled the all-new Emira GT4 race car on the legendary Hethel test track, with a dynamic demonstration of its thrilling performance. The development team focused on making this race car, ensuring it delivers outstanding dynamics and high-speed stability. Read about the impressive exterior design of the 2023 Lotus Emira in this blog by Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL.    

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Back view of a Lotus Emira against a black background.

Experience Lotus Emira’s Driving Performance!

Lotus Emira’s Driving Performance Video 

With excellent performance credentials, the Lotus Emira continues to dominate the sports car segment. It is a sought-after sports car that serves up a thrilling ride. If you’re curious about the driving dynamics offered by the sports car, then watch this video shared by the folks at Lotus Cars. It will give you a glimpse into the outstanding mechanical specs of the Lotus Emira that make it a force to reckon with. For additional information, you can contact the sales team at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL. 

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2023 Lotus Eletre Studio Silver Side Exterior

What Do We Know About the Performance Specifications of the 2023 Lotus Eletre?

Performance Features of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

Visually striking, bold, and exotic – the 2023 Lotus Eletre is a powerhouse progressive hyper-SUV and is the world’s first electric hyper-SUV. Taking core principles and DNA from 70-plus years of sports car design and engineering, the 2023 Eletre takes its inspiration from the ‘carved by air’ design of Emira and Evija. The 2023 Eletre comes under many firsts – the first lifestyle EV, first five-door production car, first vehicle outside the sports car segment, and the most connected Lotus vehicle with pioneering technology backing its remarkable performance. Continue reading to learn about the performance features and specifications of the 2023 Lotus Eletre with Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL.   

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2023 Lotus Eletre front quarter view

Interior Features of the 2023 Lotus Eletre!

How Impressive are the Interiors in the Upcoming 2023 Lotus Eletre?  

When it comes to electric SUVs, you have quite a few options in the market. However, if you are looking for a vehicle that has a stylish exterior design and an impressive interior, the upcoming 2023 Lotus Eletre is sure to attract your attention. This SUV is equipped with state-of-the-art technology features that will enchant you. Check out this blog post that we at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, have for you to learn what this vehicle has in store for you!  

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Side view of the 2023 Lotus Emira

2023 Lotus Emira Launch Date

When Can We See the Upcoming 2023 Lotus Emira in the Market?  

Lotus is one automaker that has big plans for this year. The iconic British sports car maker has a slew of new launches lined up in 2022. These include the all-electric 2023 Eletre Hyper SUV, the 2023 Emira supercar, and the Evija all-electric Hypercar. While the Eletre and Evija herald a new chapter of electrified vehicles for Lotus, the Emira is what driving enthusiasts and purists will be most excited for as it will be the last of Lotus’ internal combustion engine supercar. If you want to know when the 2023 Lotus Emira will arrive, keep reading this blog from Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL.  

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A blue 2023 Lotus Emira

What are the Engine Options Available for the 2023 Lotus Emira?

Powertrain Options in the 2023 Lotus Emira 

Sporty features are brought together for a wholesome driving experience in cities in the Lotus Emira. With the 2023 model, Lotus takes it a step ahead in gaining great traction in the segment of sports cars. The athleticism one would seek in such a car strikes a balance with a uniquely dynamic engine assembly, delivering the much-sought-for quietness in a cabin. Fascinatingly futuristic automotive detailing further accentuates the vehicle, with the hypnotizing design setting new standards. However, Lotus launched the new Emira to be the next big stride for the brand by equipping the vehicle with highly efficient technologies and an even more attractive powertrain boosted by the internal combustion engine, which revs at a stable pace to guarantee smoother ride quality. Here’s a look at the powertrain options in the 2023 Lotus Emira. Later, you can drop by Prestige Imports near North Miami Beach, FL, to explore all the details of the vehicle at closer range. 

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Side view of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

World’s First all-Electric Hyper SUV  

Is the Upcoming 2023 Lotus Eletre the World’s First Hyper SUV?  

Imbibing core principles and Lotus DNA from over seventy years, the 2023 Lotus Eletre is the world’s first electric hyper SUV. Join us at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, as we find out more information regarding the upcoming 2023 Lotus Eletre as the world’s first hyper SUV. Continue reading for more details.  

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