Side view of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

2023 Lotus Eletre

When Can We See the Upcoming 2023 Lotus Eletre in the Market?   

Imbibing the core principles and Lotus DNA from more than seventy years of engagement with sports cars, Lotus introduces the 2023 Lotus Eletre. A desirable all-new lifestyle car with active aerodynamics and a dramatic porous design, the new 2023 Lotus Eletre sets you on a new level of premium for every journey. Join us at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach, FL, to find out when can the upcoming 2023 Lotus Eletre be seen in the market. Continue reading for more information.   

Performance of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

The new 2023 Lotus Eletre is expected to be available in US markets by 2025. The vehicle redefines automotive innovation and can cover a 370-mile range at a top speed of 160 mph and goes from 0-60 mph in 2.90 seconds.   

With powerful electric motors and a low center of gravity, the 2023 Lotus Eletre offers a perfect blend of high power and torque alongside optimal structural rigidity and active dynamic.   

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Eletre is the first global SUV with 800V architecture and features the world’s first deployable LiDAR system with exceptional range, charging options, advanced autonomous driving capabilities, dynamic walk-up sequence, heads-up display, and advanced interface.   

Keep a look out for this rebellious, daring, and dramatic vehicle, and let the 2023 Lotus Eletre make your everyday special.   

View of the front console of the 2023 Lotus Eletre
View of the steering wheel of the 2023 Lotus Eletre

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