2018 Rezvani Tank Military Edition Exterior Driver Side Profile

2018 Rezvani Tank Military Edition For Sale North Miami Beach FL

Rezvani Motors was founded in Irvine, California, back in 2014. In the seven years since, they’ve built an incredible lineup of vehicles, including the fantastic 2018 Rezvani Tank Military Edition we currently have for sale right here at Prestige Imports in North Miami Beach FL. The Rezvani Tank is an extreme utility vehicle, designed in the style of a military truck but completely street legal and meant to be driven on ordinary roads.

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2018 Rezvani Tank Military Edition Interior Cabin Dashboard
2018 Rezvani Tank Military Edition Interior Cabin Seating
2018 Rezvani Tank Military Edition Interior Cabin Cargo Area

Technical Specs & Capabilities

Beneath the hood of the Tank Military Edition rests a 3.6L V6 engine capable of generating 285 horsepower. The vehicle has a width of 82.9 inches, a height of 79.8 in., a length of 185 in. and a wheelbase of 118 in.

Premium Features

The features are what’s truly impressive inside the Tank Military Edition, starting with its ballistics armor. Not only is the full vehicle protected from most gunfire, but the radiator, battery and fuel tank are all wrapped in Kevlar and the underside is protected from explosives. Other features include a button-activated smoke screen, protection from EMPs, electrified door handles, magnetic deadbolts, military-grade run-flat tires, blinding lights, a luxury interior cabin featuring black leather seating with red contrast stitching, a security survival kit that includes military-grade gas masks, a hypothermia kit and a first aid kit, a set of sirens, strobe lights and full intercom system that includes external speakers and a microphone, a built-in console safe, a steel bumper featuring built-in winch and D rings, plus thermal and night vision FLIR displays.

Other great features and options added to the vehicle are detailed on its vehicle listing here on our website, available at the link above. We’re stoked to be able to offer this great Rezvani vehicle and cannot wait to see someone drive off in it.