Used Tesla Model X North Miami Beach FL

2019 Tesla Model X Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

Toyota revolutionized the automotive market over two decades ago when it introduced hybrid powertrain technology to the world. They might not have been the first company to use it, but they did take the technology, perfect it and introduce it to the mainstream. A similar thing could be said for Tesla. They didn’t make the first electric car or the first high-performance car, but they did take these two ideas, slap them together and introduce the idea to the world. For over a decade, Tesla has been making waves in the industry, and the Model X is one of the most popular high-performance electric cars in North Miami Beach FL and the surrounding area.

The Tesla Model X was the third vehicle created by the brand, following the Roadster and Model S. It entered production in 2015 and has been turning heads ever since.

Different X Models Available

The trim levels in which the Model X has been made available have varied through the years. The one constant has been the 75D model, which has been the entry-level trim each year. In 2016 it was joined by the 90D and P90D, in 2017 by the 90D, 100D and P100D and in 2018 by the 100D and P100D. 2019 things changed quite a bit. This year, it’s joined again by the 100D and P100D, but also by the Base, Long Range and Performance trim levels.

There have been plenty of special edition models released through the years as well. The T Largo is a special edition that was released for the current model year. There has also been a Signature Edition. Here at Prestige Imports, though, we’ve actually seen a Model X Founders Series model pass through our lot. It was one of the first models made, and it was pretty cool to see. Check out our inventory if you’re interested in a Tesla Model X of your own, regardless of trim or special edition.