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To properly place Tesla in the context of today’s automotive marketplace, you start with its founder, Elon Musk. A true visionary in every sense of the word, Musk has taken Tesla from pipe-dream territory to global juggernaut in an unbelievably short window of time, and as the brand continues to increase in prominence, we’ll continue to add pre-owned Tesla models to our lineup in North Miami Beach.

As for the vehicles themselves, they’re certainly cut from a different cloth than their standard all-electric brethren. With zero-to-sixty-mph times of under three seconds, innovative features such as adaptive lighting and an ever-growing electric range, and a charging infrastructure that is always improving, Tesla is truly the car of the moment. To learn more or to schedule at test drive, visit us at Prestige Imports today. 

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Since the first models were manufactured in 2008, Tesla has secured its status as America’s premier engineer or electric luxury cars.


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Tesla employs lightweight materials in all of its products, which helps to better utilize the all-electric power that it produces.


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Although all Tesla models run on electricity, Tesla models routinely top 500 horsepower, flipping the common script on electric vehicles.

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