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Following the sudden loss of their father, Prestige Imports founder Irv David, in 2007, Brett and Brooke David were faced with a decision: what would be their father’s legacy, and how would they honor it? After a few years allowed for the requisite healing, they remembered what memories they kept closest, and that was the years growing up around Prestige Imports, and the happiness that this brought to their respective childhoods.

This was the seed that would eventually become Ride2Revive. Founded in 2011, Ride2Revive works with a number of other Miami-area businesses and causes to provide something fully out of the ordinary. Working with MyWish4U.org and the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation, Ride2Revive offers children with life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to share in the experience of exotic automobiles, to feel the unforgettable adrenaline rush, and most importantly, to be kids.

For the Kids

At Ride2Revive, children facing life-threatening illnesses enjoy a day to step away from the stress of their situations and simply be themselves.


For the Community

It's said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; through Ride2Revive, the bonds between us become stronger than they might be otherwise.


For the Experience

What would a child sooner choose to remember? An illness that saps their strength, or a day in a vehicle that makes them feel more powerful than ever?

Get Involved with Ride2Revive!

As with any altruistic cause, Ride2Revive is not a solo effort. It requires the effort of many businesses, entities and individuals working together. That’s why Prestige Imports, as well as its partners in this philanthropic venture, are happy to enlist the help of others who might like to help bring joy to Miami-area kids facing a health crisis and undergoing medical treatment.

Clicking the button below will provide you with a number of opportunities to assist in the Ride2Revive cause. We’re always looking for drivers to assist in our events who might be interested in taking a Ride2Revive child along for a ride. We also need event volunteers, who might be willing to give of their time and energy, along with those who simply would like to assist with the financial side of things with a monetary donation.

Feel free to click around the Ride2Revive site for more information on upcoming events and for ways that you can help. We appreciate your interest in this cause, and we hope to see you soon at Prestige Imports.

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