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For many drivers, Maserati suggests a destination, and not a way to get there. But for drivers at Prestige Motors, Maserati is just a fact of life: there exists a vehicle that exemplifies both style, spirit and performance, and drivers can now find it at Prestige Motorsports.

While the Ghibli has rightly received much of the praise, it’s the Granturismo that best grabs the supercar spirit and runs with it. With its massive horsepower, a driver would certainly expect some growl from under the hood. But factor in its carbon-fiber design, and hand-stitched interior amenities, and it becomes immediately clear why the Maserati appeals to all variants of North Miami Beach drivers.

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Founded with its roots in the Lamborghini line, Pagani was made available to United States drivers in 2007 and hasn’t looked back in the time since.


Maserati Hialeah FL


Represented with flowing lines and an aerodynamic cockpit, Pagani compellingly breaks away from its more rigid supercar counterparts.


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Headlined by the mid-engined Huayra, Pagani models have been named “The Hypercar of the Year” by Top Gear Magazine, along with its many other honors.

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