Iguana Yachts North Miami Beach FL

Iguana Yachts Commuter Exterior Starboard Side

Here at Prestige Imports, we provide more than just exotic automobiles, we cater to the exotic lifestyle as a whole – on land, air and sea. You can find high-performance sports cars, luxury utility vehicles, off-road pickup trucks, motorcycles and even personal aircraft and yachts. When it comes to the sea, we recently partnered with Iguana Yachts to provide their incredible seafaring vessels right here in North Miami Beach FL. If you’re looking to head out onto the water, look no further than one of these incredible yachts.

Different Iguana Yachts Models Available

Currently, Iguana Yachts has three different lines in their array of seafaring vessels, starting with the X100. The entry-level yacht is a 10-meter boat that makes waterborne adventures more accessible than ever. The X100 is powered by twin 300-horsepower outboards. The next step up is the Original Classic, the perfect boat for socializing in comfort as the 9-meter boat can accommodate up to 12 guests. It’s powered by a single 300-horsepower outboard but can be upgraded.

The middle model is the Original Exclusive, which is without a doubt the most luxurious option on the lineup. It offers seating for up to 12 as well and the same engines, but more premium amenities and features, such as a refrigerator, fresh water shower and a bespoke audio system. Second from the top is the Expedition, which is a more rugged option perfect for tackling rougher waters and even 4-foot waves. It’s equipped with twin 300-horsepower engines like the X100.

That brings us, finally, to the Iguana Yachts Commuter, the option that we currently have in stock at the time of this page’s creation. It’s a spacious and functional boat with features like a deployable ladder and the Iguana Land Drive system, which allows you to drive the boat up on land to park it. If you’re interested in becoming the owner of your own Iguana Yachts vessel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away here at Prestige Imports!