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Let’s tackle the first question the shoppers first have after laying eyes on a Campagna vehicle: “What is it?” A better and more apt question, though, might be, “Why am I only hearing about the Campagna now?” The distinctive styling from Campagna defies easy explanation: the three-wheel design might lend it comparisons to certain motorcycles, while the two-seat coupe concept has all the hallmarks of a traditional roadster.

Of course, very little about the Campagna could be even offhandedly described as “traditional.” The body composition consists of hi-tech alloys and lightweight composite materials, while the latest engine is an inline 6-cylinder platform borrowed from BMW. The result: an innovative combination of power, agility and efficiency that can’t be mimicked. Campagna is a new addition to the Prestige Imports family; test drive yours today in North Miami Beach, FL. 

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As one of the best-selling luxury automakers in the world, BMW continues to forge new ground across the automotive landscape, with special attention paid in recent years to high-performance models.


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In recent years, BMW has moved away from traditional construction materials, and is now implementing intelligent lightweight materials such as carbon fiber to allow for more agility than in past years.


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At the heart of the new M lineup lies state-of-the-art TwinTurbo technology, which allows for a lighter body, fewer cylinders, and a higher degree of performance capability.

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