2020 Karma GT by Pininfarina North Miami Beach FL

2020 Karma GT by Pininfarina Exterior Driver Side Front Angle

We’re incredibly excited to talk about the newest vehicle available from the Karma brand. It’s unclear at this point if the vehicle is a limited edition, a one-off, a concept vehicle or a look at a secondary production model the brand will be producing in partnership down the road, but whatever the case, we’re stoked about the 2020 Karma GT by Pininfarina in North Miami Beach FL. Introduced at the 2019 Auto Shanghai event, the vehicle was built from one of the new Karma Revero GT models, but stripped down and designed by Italian company Pininfarina.

Karma Automotive has stated that this is only to be the first of many collaborations between the two companies, which is a pretty good sign for the up-and-coming brand. Utilizing the established Italian manufacturer could do wonders for brand recognition alone!

What is the Karma GT by Pininfarina?

Although the vehicle was built from a Revero GT, it has an entirely different design than the updated Karma model. Bespoke and obviously Italian, the two-door vehicle only shares its mechanical attributes with the Revero GT. That means, although it wasn’t explicitly stated in the press release, that the Karma GT will likely be powered by the same 1.5L 3-cylinder BMW engine as the Revero GT, generating 535 horsepower.

The Karma GT by Pininfarina represents a true Gran Turismo thanks in part to its two-door architecture and the sheer number of luxurious accoutrements throughout. Although the vehicle was built upon the same platform as the Revero GT, it required some changes to both the suspension and the frame in order for the new Pininfarina-designed body to fit. If you’d like to learn more about the Pininfarina GT, as some are calling it, be sure to give us a call or check out the Prestige Imports blog.